The Warden's Work Today
The Warden's Work Today
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This series of books provides a description of Emulation Working as it applies to each officer of a Lodge. It is largely derived from the author's earlier book, "Emulation Working Today". Each book in the series is intended as a supplement to the "Emulation Ritual" book. It is not an exhaustive description of Emulation Working, however, there are many instances where brethren commonly fail to carry out the action described in accordance with the practice of Emulation Lodge of Improvement. There are also several places where the wording of the ritual is open to inaccurate interpretation. The books in this series provide help where difficulties are known to arise, warn of the problem areas, and attempt to make the task of the various officers of a Lodge easier. Although this book will take a brother part, or perhaps most of the way, but it is not the same as receiving instruction firsthand from a competent preceptor or attending a Lodge of demonstration such as Emulation Lodge of Improvement.

by Graham Redman
52 pages

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