The Senior Deacon's Work Today
The Senior Deacon's Work Today
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This book in the series sets out to provide the Senior Deacon with an accurate as possible description of Emulation Working as it applies to his office in a convenient summary which slips handily into the pocket of a coat or apron. This is a vital book for the Brother stepping up from Junior to Senior Deacon. A Deacon is a junior officer in the lodge. In most jurisdictions, a lodge has two Deacons, styled Senior Deacon and Junior Deacon (though First Deacon and Second Deacon are sometimes encountered as an alternative). The principal duties of the Senior Deacon are to conduct candidates around the Lodge and speak for them during certain ceremonies, to assist the Worshipful Master as needed and to carry messages between the Master and the Senior Warden.

by Graham Redman
56 pages

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