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Rose Croix

Rose Croix

A & Ar Black Room Altar Cloth 48x24"x30"


£264.00 Ex Tax: £220.00

A001 Rose Croix 18th Degree Collar Hand Embroidered

Best quality fully Hand Embroidered collarin Gold Wire and thread to the authorised specification...

£82.00 Ex Tax: £68.33

A003 Rose Croix 18th Degree Collar Jewel

Metal gilt and enamel double-sided 18th Degree Collar Jewel...

£35.00 Ex Tax: £29.17

A004 Rose Croix Sash For Serving Brother


£26.00 Ex Tax: £21.67

A007 Rose Croix Mws Collarette


A007 Rose Croix Mws Collarette

Collarette for use with A008 M.W.S. jewel..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

A008 Rose Croix Mws Collarette Jewel

Metal Gilt and Enamal. 18th Degree for use with A007 M.W.S. Collarette...

£44.00 Ex Tax: £36.67

A009 Rose Croix Sword & Scabbard


A009 Rose Croix Sword & Scabbard


£144.00 Ex Tax: £120.00

A010 Rose Croix Baton Mws Enamel & Gilt Top

Metal Gilt ends with Enamel top and red shaft...

£182.40 Ex Tax: £152.00

A011 Rose Croix Seal


A011 Rose Croix Seal

Metal gilt with wooden handle - allow approximately 10 days despatch..

£56.00 Ex Tax: £46.67

A012 Rose Croix Pmws Breast Jewel- Metal Gilt & Enamel

Metal gilt and enamel breast jewel..

£68.00 Ex Tax: £56.67

A017 Rose Croix 30th Degree Sash Hand Embroidered

Fully Hand Embroidered in Gold and Silver wires to a high standard. With Silver Bullion Fringe. This..

£110.00 Ex Tax: £91.67

A018 Rose Croix 30th Degree Star Jewel Metal Gilt & Enamel

Metal Gilt and Enamal Star Jewel..

£38.00 Ex Tax: £31.67

A019 Rose Croix 30th Degree Collarette


£20.00 Ex Tax: £16.67

A020 Rose Croix 30th Degree Eagle Jewel


£32.00 Ex Tax: £26.67

A022 Rose Croix 31st Degree Collar Hand Embriodered

A Fully Hand Embroidered collar to the correct pattern. Embroidered in gilt wires to a high standar..

£112.00 Ex Tax: £93.33

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